Hey there!

So I’ve had this website for quite a while, and never really messed around with the RSS feed. Now, though, I’ve made some tweaks to the site, which means my posts can show up on a couple of different pages. There was a tiny challenge here, because this site is relatively boilerplate and was not really meant for multiple RSS feeds out of the box.

But, with a little tinkering, I think I’ve got it working! This really just means that if I am currently on an adventure then you can subscribe to a particular adventure, which is kind of neat!

On that note, I wanted to be able to make at least one recommendation for an RSS reader, in case you want to keep up to date with my website. I didn’t do extensive research, but I quickly came across Reeder in the App Store, and my admittedly limited experience with the app has been mostly positive. I’m certain that I am not using the application anywhere near to its fullest extent, nor do I have much experience with RSS readers in general, but overall it was pretty easy to set it up to listen to my website.